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We have a variety of items available for donation.

If you would like to order an item and pay online through our Paypal link, please follow these steps:

  1. Email us at your order and shipping information.
  2. We will reply with the cost of the item and include what the shipping is because every item and quantity of items is different.*
  3. Make the digital payment through the Paypal link in our support page. Fill out all the information and make your information visible to us so we know the payment came from you. This information will not be saved unless you indicate in your email that you would also like to be a member and/or receive our newsletter.
  4. We will send out the order once we see the payment is made and you are all set!”

*We use the US Post Offices Fixed Rate Boxes to ship orders. We will do our best to minimize the shipping cost and will charge only for the actual cost to ship an order.

If you would rather send a check (note, there will be a delay in shipping until we receive the check), our address is:

Painesdale Mine & Shaft, Inc.
PO Box 332
Painesdale, MI 49955

Booklet: Mine Fatalities in Adams and Elm River Townships 1889 – 1967 by John Blom
$10 donation plus $2.60 for shipping and handling

This booklet contains 343 names of those who died in the copper mines of Adams and Elm River Townships – Atlantic Mines, Baltic Mines, Trimountain Mines, Champion Mines (Painesdale and Globe), Winona Mines, and Wyandot Mine.

Morris the Mining Moose – $20.00

Meet Morris the Mining Moose! He is 9 inches tall and is wearing one of our navy hoodies printed with our logo. He is also ready for work in the mine with his hardhat with headlamp.

A 9 inch plush Moose wearing a navy Painesdale Mine and Shaft hoodie and a white mining cap.

Mining Moose

Zip Hoodies – $40.00 
Navy zip hoodie with small logo on front and larger logo on back.
Available in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL

Zip Hoodie

Zip Hoodie

T-Shirts – $15.00
Navy pocket T-shirt with small logo on front pocket and larger logo on back of shirt.
Available in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL.

Cookbook – $20.00
Our cookbook is filled with recipes, including ethnic recipes and stories of life in the range towns.



Print – Shaft house – $10.00

Print - Shafthouse

Print – Shafthouse

Print – Shaft and train – $10.00

Print - Shaft and Train

Print – Shaft and Train

Print – Painesdale Street – $10.00

Print- Painesdale Street

Print- Painesdale Street

Cards – 6 for $5.00 or 1 for $1.00



Hats – $8.00
Navy caps with logo




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