Copper Range Digital Archive Catalog

Volunteers at the PM&S have digitized hundreds of documents that were recovered from the Champion Mine’s Office in Painesdale before it was demolished. For the past 25 years these documents have been held in safe keeping by the Copper Range Historical Society and Painesdale Mine & Shaft. This digital library contains an incredible range of topics. Paychecks, underground drift diagrams, photos, journals and blueprints to name just a few.
This digital catalog is a large file (44Mb) and will take a few minutes to download. Please be patient.
View the Copper Range Digital Archive Catalog here

Payroll Ledger Digital Archives

Thousands of documents have been recovered from the old Champion Mine Office building located in Painesdale MI. Among these documents, we found a set of Time Book & Payroll ledgers that recorded the payroll of the Copper Range Company by year.

At this time we have made portions of these 4 of ledgers available online. Due to the volunteer
time required to digitize and transcribe these ledgers, only some of the records have been
scanned. Only some of the scanned pages have been transcribed.

Click the link of interest below to direct your browser to the digitized ledger files.

August 1913- November 1913 and August – September 1914
View the instructions for accessing the transcribed Name List for 1913/1914.
PDF Version (includes instructions)
Excel Version

October 1922 – November 1922
Sorry… these pages have not been transcribed. Clicking here will direct your browser to the
original scanned images.

October, 1940 – December 1940
Click here to view the instructions for accessing the transcribed Name List for 1940.
PDF Version (includes instructions)
Excel Version

All of 1946
Sorry… these pages have not been transcribed. Clicking here will direct your browser to a PDF file that contains the 1946 ledger.

Paycheck Index

A digitally scanned collection of employee paychecks. In total around 7,200 paychecks have been saved as digital images. About 75% of the checks were issued in either 1930 or 1940. The rest were distributed over the years 1919, 1920, 1921, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1941 and 1944. The check images have been curated to allow easy on-line browsing by individuals interested in looking for names that they recognize.
View the paycheck index here

Adams Township Digital Archive of Copper Range Company’s Records

Over the Winter of 2022 volunteers digitized a cache of Copper Range Company documents
that are in the possession of Adams Township. 1,250 paper documents were recovered from
the Copper Range Mine Office and turned over to Adams Township for safe keeping. These
documents have been digitized and stored in PM&S’s Google Drive.

They are available to the public free of charge.

The inventory/database of the Adams Township digital archives can be downloaded by clicking
either of the following links:
PDF Version
Excel Version

Once you have downloaded the inventory you can search it for file references that might be of
interest. Once you know the file name (found in the left most column) you can then look for the
actual file that is located in our Google Drive.

Click on this link to access the Google Drive Folder containing all of the Adams Township
Digital Archive

Painesdale Memories

We are currently collecting memories of what life was like in Painesdale during the mining days. We appreciate any additions to this effort. If you have a memory you would like to share, please contact us.

A Shaft of Memories by a Coal Miner’s Daughter by Benita Hall Cole

Portrait of Cesare Cappo by Annette Cappo Butina

Memories Of Painesdale by Orrin H. Bentz

Tara’s Store and The Great Depression by Thomas Cernek.

More stories about the Teague Barber Shop and Other Stories by James Teague Gourd and Ruth Cleary

Shirley Laurin

William Jose

Charlotte Chapman McManus

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