Miners Memorial

The goal of PM&S, ever since its creation, is to prepare a plaque/wall that honors residents of Adams Township who died in the copper mines.

John Blom, native of Painesdale, current resident of Ringwood, OK and Lifetime Member of PM&S, has compiled a list of those who died in the copper mines of Adams Township – Atlantic Mines, Baltic Mines, Trimountain Mines, and Champion Mines (Painesdale and Globe). He reviewed 3,100 death certificates for Adams Township from 1897 to 1943. He obtained the name (first and last), date of death, age, job, country of origin, cause of death (accident) and location of the accident. His information was supplemented using Houghton County Mine Inspector’s Reports for 1890-1914 and 1930, and information provided by visitors to our Captain’s Office.
The current list contains 277 names. There are some gaps in our information with some missing or questionable information. One problem encountered is the spelling of names; many of the death certificates are hand written, which often made them hard to read. Sometimes, the Death Certificates and Mine Inspector’s Reports have two different spellings or the Mine Inspector gives two different spellings in the same report. Occasionally, the actual cause of the accident is not given. Tentatively, we have added the four miners who were murdered during the 1913-14 Copper Miners Strike, three miners who were residents of Adams Township but died in other copper mines, and those who committed suicide in the mine.

If you know of a relative or family friend who died in one of the Adams Township Mines, please check these files and send any corrections or missing information by email to ajpintar@charter.net or by US Mail to PM&S, PO Box 332, Painesdale, MI 49955.

View the current list here:

Adams Township mine deaths by date

Adams Township mine deaths by name

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