Latest Restorations – Summer 2016
We are excited to announce that we have made the Captain’s office handicap accessible. We now have a concrete parking area on the side of the building with a ramp going to the back of the building to accommodate a wheelchair. The front of the building was not an option, as that entrance is not as close to the ground and there is a small shed attached to the building which would be difficult to maneuver a wheel chair.


Future restorations
Future restorations will include stabilizing the floor of the shaft house as well as securing or lowering a man car skip. The man car skip weighs 3-5 tons and is currently suspended by a single chain supported by a beam.

Our long range plans include restoring the shaft house, Captain’s office, and hoist house and open them as a museum.


Previous Restorations

Phase 4
Painesdale Mine & Shaft, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have completed phase 4 of the Save Our Shaft House project. We have recently restored the windows of the shaft house to their original condition. We have also repaired/replaced the steps going to the Captain’s office.

New windows on the shaft house

New windows

Phase 3
In the late 1990’s, the main waterline from Painesdale to Hancock burst somewhere in the vicinity of  Champion #4. As a result, the middle columns of the shaft house settled 8-12 inches. A settlement study has been done in order to find out if there is ongoing settling of the shaft house from that event.

Phase 1&2
Phase 1 of the restoration was completed in 1996. Corrugated metal was installed on the north and west walls of the shaft house. Phase 2 completed the project with corrugated metal on the south and east walls. Photos below show the shaft house as it was before and after phase 1&2.


Shaft house after phase 1&2


Shaft house before Phase 1

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